Secrets Organic April Box

organic secrets_april box_

Juliet Sulejmani | May 8, 2017

There’s honestly nothing better when you’re locked up in your studio (or office) busy working your cute butt off and then the mail arrives. Especially when said mail includes a box filled with snacks and great new beauty products to try.

This is the second Secrets Organic Box I’ve received, and it was just as good as the first box. I’m loving discovering these awesome organic brands and products that I wouldn’t otherwise know about.

The popcorn was gobbled up pretty quickly here at The Juliet Report HQ. It was our first time trying Honest Pop’s Organic Popcorn and each popped kernel was perfect, and delicious and I think they will become a staple studio snack cupboard item.

Here’s what was in the April Box:

organic secrets_april box__

  1. Honest Pop Organic Buttery Sea Salt Popcorn 20g
  2. Honest Pop Organic Delicately Salted Popcorn 20g

organic secrets_april box___

3. Rustic Peppermint, Pink Lavender Mask 10g
4. Impakt Organic Skincare, Under-Eye Serum & Facial Toning Oil
5. Akar Skin, Ruby Tint Lip Butter


To find out more or to subscribe a box yourself click here:

Van Gogh Reading

20170504_ngv van gogh books_

Van Gogh and the Seasons opened at NGV last week, and has already become a must see exhibit for both locals and visitors. If you haven’t already, make sure you add it to your dairy and list of things to see, it is open until 9 July 2017.

If you’re an inquisitive person like I am, once you leave the exhibition you will be craving more. The paintings will not leave your mind and you will be super curious about Vincent Van Gogh, about his life, his interests, the time he lived in, you’ll want to learn more about the paintings you’ve seen and even curious about other paintings you have not.

The way I feed my curiosities is obviously by finding the answers to my questions and that usually starts with books! So I headed straight to the NGV Design Store (Book Store) to see what I could find on their well stacked shelves and here they are:


van gogh the life

  1. Van Gogh – The Life
    by Gregory White Smith, Steven Naifeh
    Published by Profile Books

“Vincent van Gogh created some of the best loved – and most expensive – works of art ever made, from the early The Potato Eaters to his late masterpieces Sunflowers and The Starry Night. He had worked as an art dealer, a missionary and as a teacher in England, and only in his late twenties did he begin a life that would be fundamental in shaping modern art. But when he died in Auvers-sur-Oise in 1890 at the age of thirty-seven he was largely unknown. Written with the cooperation of the Van Gogh Museum, Pulitzer-winning authors Steven Naifeh and Gregory White Smith recreate his extraordinary life, and the inside of his troubled mind, like never before – and they put forward an explosive new theory challenging the widespread belief that Van Gogh took his own life. Drawing for the first time on all of his (and his family’s) extensive letters, which offer exquisite glimpses into his thoughts and feelings, this is the definitive portrait of one of the world’s cultural giants.” – Profile Books


van gogh inauguration-analogues

2. Fondation Vincent Van Gogh Arles – Van Gogh Live! Inauguration
    by Luc Hoffmann, Maja Hoffmann, Bice Curiger, Guillaume Mansart, Timothée                   Chaillou, Sjraar van Heugten, Patricia Falguières, Julian Heynen, Matthias Haldemann
Published by The Vincent Van Gogh Foundation/Analogues

This publication celebrates a new institution for art in a historical location. “Van Gogh Live!”, the exhibition to inaugurate the Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles, is curated by the institution’s artistic director, Bice Curiger. The spirit and legacy of this exceptional and profoundly influential artist is honoured and explored in an extraordinary building that unites Van Gogh’s original paintings with contemporary art. Taking place in Arles, where Van Gogh created his most important works, the event attests to the dynamic, innovative cultural life emerging in this city in concert with other pioneering projects. – The Vincent Van Gogh Foundation/Analogues


patricia geis vincent van gogh book

3. Vincent van Gogh: Meet the Artist!
by Patricia Gies
Published by Chronicle Books

Vincent van Gogh: Meet the Artist! takes young readers of all ages on a colorful, interactive journey through the work of this revered Dutch painter. Three-dimensional pop-ups, removable artwork, flaps and tabs, and art activity suggestions and materials are among the many interactive components in the latest addition to the Meet the Artist! series. This book covers Van Gogh’s artistic career, focusing on his time in Arles from 1888 to 1889 when he created several of his most famous works, such as Bedroom in Arles, his series on sunflowers, and Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat. – Chronicle Books
Van Gogh and the seasons kids art book ngv


4. VAN GOGH and the Seasons: An Art Book For Kids
by NGV

Join Theo, a little field mouse, to find out about Vincent’s lifelong love of the seasons and the world around him. Along the way, there are activities and quizzes for you to do with your family and friends. – NGV

Van Gogh and the seasons ngv book

by NGV

The changing seasons was an aspect of nature that Vincent van Gogh found particularly captivating. For him, the four seasons represented the continuous cycle of nature and humanity, and demonstrated the existence of a higher force. Throughout his career, Van Gogh made paintings and drawings depicting the seasons, often linking them to rural life. The subject is clearly evident in his early watercolours as well as in many later paintings of fruit orchards in bloom (spring); the wheat harvest and the reaping of the wheat (summer); sowers and the grape and olive harvests (autumn); and a plough and harrow on bleak fields (winter). Van Gogh and the Seasons is the first publication devoted to this central aspect of his art. Beautifully illustrated and featuring essays by Van Gogh experts Sjraar van Heugten and Joan E. Greer, this fascinating book sheds new light on the much-loved artist’s extraordinary creative vision. – NGV


Munch Van Gogh book

6. MUNCH Van Gogh
Edited by Maite van Dijk, Magne Bruteig, and Leo Jansen; With contributions by          Reinhold Heller, Jill Lloyd, and Uwe M. Schneede

A beautiful and insightful examination of the parallels between two of the 19th century’s most famous artists. The affinities between Vincent van Gogh (1853–1890) and Edvard Munch (1863–1944) have long been noted, yet a formal comparative study of the two artists has never been made. Known for emotionally charged paintings, deeply personal and innovative styles, and dramatic lives of hardship, both Van Gogh and Munch fundamentally shaped the modern art movement in late-19th-century Europe. Munch:Van Gogh is the first publication to compare these two infamous and influential artists side by side, offering a groundbreaking critical examination of the parallels between their oeuvres and artistic ambitions. Gorgeously illustrated, the book offers a close consideration of the artists’ uses of color, stylization, brushwork, and unconventional compositions in both paintings and drawings. The authors also draw connections between Van Gogh’s and Munch’s evocative and poignant correspondence with family and friends, allowing readers to understand more profoundly the essence of their art. – Yale University Press


goltzius van gogh book

7. GOLTZIUS To VAN GOGH Drawings and Paintings from the P. & N. de Boer Foundation
by G. Luijten Ed. H. Buijs
Published by Paris/Amsterdam/Bussum, Fondation Custodia/P. & N. de Boer Foundation,    Thoth Publishers

The Amsterdam art dealer Piet de Boer (1894-1974) built up a major collection of paintings and drawings during his lifetime, and in 1964 he decided to transfer it to the P. & N. de Boer Foundation. This book contains a choice selection of works that reflects the breadth of what was harvested: from drawings and paintings by Hendrick Goltzius, Jacques de Gheyn and many other sixteenth- and seventeenth-century masters, to a small core of works by Vincent van Gogh.


van goghs ear book

8. VAN GOGH’S EAR The True Story
by Bernadette Murphy
published by Penguin
On a dark night in Provence in December 1888 Vincent van Gogh cut off his ear. It is an act that has come to define him. Yet for more than a century biographers and historians seeking definitive facts about what happened that night have been left with more questions than answers. In Van Gogh’s Ear Bernadette Murphy sets out to discover exactly what happened that night in Arles. Why would an artist at the height of his powers commit such a brutal act? Who was the mysterious ‘Rachel’ to whom he presented his macabre gift? Was it just his lobe, or did Van Gogh really cut off his entire ear? Her investigation takes us from major museums to the dusty contents of forgotten archives, vividly reconstructing the world in which Van Gogh moved – the madams and prostitutes, café patrons and police inspectors, his beloved brother Theo and his fellow artist and house-guest Paul Gauguin. With exclusive revelations and new research about the ear and about ‘Rachel’, Bernadette Murphy proposes a bold new hypothesis about what was occurring in Van Gogh’s heart and mind as he made a mysterious delivery to her doorstep that fateful night. Van Gogh’s Ear is a compelling detective story and a journey of discovery. It is also a portrait of a painter creating his most iconic and revolutionary work, pushing himself ever closer to greatness even as he edged towards madness – and one fateful sweep of the blade that would resonate through the ages.


If you have any suggestions for other books on Van Gogh that you may have read please comment below.

Here’s a link to my post: Van Gogh and the Seasons Exhibition at NGV.

Here’s the link to the NGV Website for more info.

Here’s a link to the NGV Design Store if you’re curious to see what else they sell.


Self-care is one of these “buzz” words that we hear a lot right now. To me self-care is akin to putting your own oxygen mask on before you help anyone else on the plane; that is you need to put some effort into caring for yourself/taking time out for yourself before you look after anyone outside yourself. When you study to be an art therapist* you learn that when you look after yourself you can be in better service to your clients. This can be as simple as having daily rituals like meditation, dancing, going for a swim, making friends with your neighbour’s dog and taking it for a walk or watching some Bob Ross video’s and painting. Even if you are not a therapist you may find you still give a lot of energy doing what you do for work or with your friends and family and need to restore than energy so you aren’t totally drained.

When I saw the explosion of the so-called “art therapy” colouring-in books I had both positive and critical feelings about them. It’s great the idea of art therapy is getting out there, but art therapy is really something you do with an art therapist to go deeper and work through problems in your life. I see these colouring-in books as a mindfulness practice – you colour and it is relaxing, meditative and is gets you into this child-like creative space which is amazing! On the other hand I saw the potential to go further at home and decided to use my art therapy training to create an ‘Art as Therapy Workbook’ with activities for people to use as part of a self-care routine. Whilst I still wouldn’t label it art therapy per say, I do see it as a deeper extension of the colouring in books. The activities I have included are gentle and allow for you to explore processes that will engage your creativity (even if you don’t think you are creative) and engage with those images through questions.

So far the response to these workbooks has been overwhelming! I’ve sold out the first print run and have just printed a second batch. I’m looking next to expand into issues about body image, getting in touch with nature, technology addiction and more.

To learn more please check out my Etsy store and Instagram.


*Art therapy is a form of psychotherapy that incorporates art making as part of the dialogue. The art that is made may include painting, photography, drawing, sculpture, collage or any other creative method of expression. Art therapy will often also incorporate breathing exercises, creative visualisations and sound. Sessions may be one-on-one or in groups with an accredited art therapist. The making of art in a session can allow a client to access unconscious aspects of themselves and heal without feeling pressure to directly talk about disturbing emotional experiences and problems.


ngv van gogh exhibition

Juliet Sulejmani | April 28, 2017

Melbourne Winter Masterpieces
28 APR 2017 – 9 JULY 2017

Opening today, NGV’s  Winter Masterpieces exhibition ‘VAN GOGH AND THE SEASONS’ , showcasing almost 50 works by master artist Vincent van Gogh. This is the largest collection of Van Gogh’s artworks ever to travel to Australia and the first time an exhibition has focussed on Van Gogh’s love of the seasons.

Guest curator Sjraar van Heughten, independant art historian and former Head of Collections at the Van Gogh Museum, was present for the media preview yesterday and said that Van Gogh loved all the seasons and that Autumn was most likely his favourite.

The exhibition opens with a beautiful 9 minute film installation which is narrated and goes through the seasons and explores the life and work of Van Gogh. As well as the artworks, you can also see works from Van Gogh’s own art collection.

As a city dweller myself and also as an illustrator I found this exhibition truly inspiring. Besides being mesmerised by each individual stroke and colour in the artworks, it reminded me to pay attention to nature, to my environment, and to take the time to notice the seasons and take in the beauty.

And with that, I will leave you with one of my favourite Vincent Van Gogh quotes from the exhibition:

“I know very well that not a single flower was drawn, that they’re just little licks of colour, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, violet, but the impression of all those colours against one another is nonetheless there in the painting as it is in nature.”
– Vincent Van Gogh, ARLES, 1888


The exhibition is open from today 28th April 2017 and runs until 9th July 2017.

For more information head to:


Illustration by me Juliet Sulejmani
Images by Tom Ross for NGV

Leroy & Eli Interview

leroy and eli pre-collection

Britt Doherty and Juliet Sulejmani | April 27, 2017

To get a good feel for what Leroy & Eli are about, all you need to do is click through to their Instagram account Tres_Bourgeois, which is basically their mood board. You can see an account of what they are loving, what they are judging and what is inspiring them.

Leroy & Eli are a Melbourne based design duo who launched their label with their debut ‘Pre-Collection’ in 2016 titled ‘Think for Yourself’ which was inspired by “the unrealistic lifestyle expectations that most would like to attain”. The collection featured t-shirts emblazoned with “BROADBEACH” and “LEATHER PANTS ARE UNFORGIVABLE UNLESS YOU’RE CANDICE SWANEPOEL” and another called “TRUSTFUND”.

Ahead of the launch of their latest collection SS18 “Beware of the Bourgeoisie” we sat down with them for a chat to get to know them a bit better.

Name: Leroy & Eli

Instagram: tres_bourgeois

What is Leroy & Eli about, in three words?
Facetious, Cheeky & Surrealist

 How did your brand come about, was starting your own label something you always had in mind?
It initially came about from Leroy’s sketches, mixed with an unhealthy obsession with luxury clothes. Neither of us have a trained fashion background so we worked with what we have, which is a sense of humour and strong opposition for anything typical. From there Leroy & Eli was born.

What was the motivation behind the concept of making statement tees?
We both have an obsession with t-shirts fit, colours, textures. So after years and years of research or some might call it shopping, we never found anything that resembled ‘us’ so to speak. We didn’t initially intend to make statement t-shirts, but deriving from our own personal style, we realised there’s always a central focal point to every ensemble. We liked the idea of having a meaning behind every garment, through that we discovered that we have a lot to say, and t-shirts provided us with a canvas to communicate how we see the world. Whether it is to make you laugh, cry, or question the world you live in, if it evokes some kind of emotion, then Leroy & Eli have done what Leroy & Eli set out to do.

Your launch and art exhibition was a fresh display of pop-culture inspired artwork with an array of colour. Where do you go for inspiration?
For the “Think For Yourself” pre-collection we sought a lot of inspiration from the influence of television, new age music, Disney, childhood cartoons, even 19th century art works (refer to the “Pyramid of capitalism” canvas). For the pre-collection we really had to dive in deep into the world of pop culture and dissect how we are influenced to think, this cultivation of a mass personality and where it stems from. Through the use of canvases and t-shirts I hope we communicated our message as clearly as possible.

…any individuals who influenced the label?
There’s a few, our parents played a huge role on how our sense of style, how we think and how to be streetwise and intelligent. They probably don’t even realise that, we actually dedicated our pre-collection “Think For Yourself” SS18 to them.

And one of the most important influences to us, would be a very dear friend DA ROCHA, for her patience and guidance, we will be forever grateful.

What is the essence of street wear in your eyes, is individuality and attitude something that is important to you?
The essence of street wear is a sense of freedom of expression. Individuality and attitude are very important to us when it comes to style. A lot of kids today don’t wear whatever they think looks ‘PHRA$H’ so they end up wearing the most hyped up brand and following suit. It’s fine to wear the trendiest brands, but we believe you should add something to your ensemble that reflects who you are, like a baseball cap you’ve had since you were six years old or a Japanese brand no one has heard of. Dressing for yourself and not seeking approval from anyone, when it comes to your style, will make you feel good about yourself and you will exude confidence.

What is your preferred working space, where do you find your creativity unleashes best?
There is no actual particular space where we feel as if we “release” our creativity. We are constantly discussing new ideas wherever we are. I think a space where we spend most of our time discussing ideas would probably be in the car when we’re stuck in traffic (as odd as that may sound).

How do you find working along side a sibling? Many disagreements, or  would you say it makes the process a whole lot easier?
Overall neither of us can envision working with anyone else. We tend to be on the same wavelength 90% of the time. We don’t really tend to disagree a lot, usually if any disagreement emerges whomever is the most passionate about their opinion is often the one who’s correct. It all kinda moulds together harmoniously in a way.

I think it makes the designing process a whole lot easier! We don’t need to explain much because we understand the same references and we both comprehend the message we are trying to send.

What are your thoughts on making mistakes during the early days, have you been met with many challenges so far?
“If at first you don’t succeed, dust yourself and try again.” Mistakes are the best part of starting out, because the truth is you have no idea what you’re doing , because you’ve never done it before, it’s all trial and error. From printing our first ever prints on 100% polyester (yes you read that correctly) t-shirts, to going through more name changes than Puff Daddy, you can afford to make those mistakes in the beginning. You learn very early on that EVERYTHING is your responsibility. The challenges are endless, it doesn’t get easier as you go, for every problem you solve, you create ten more. However that is part of the thrill, if you’re passionate about something, there’s very little that will discourage you.

What areas of establishing your own label interest you at the moment?
As we are still establishing Leroy & Eli, all aspects of the process are interesting. But at the moment we have been dabbling in film to accent our upcoming collection “Beware of the Bourgeoisie” SS18, networking and meeting like minded people who have faced similar challenges, shooting our own images and exploring working closely with our manufacturers and seamstresses.

How do you like to make the most of your day?
Try to make sure we have fun with everything we do, no matter how tedious the task.

What is your go to song of choice?
Leroy: Lupe Fiasco – And He Gets The Girl

Eli: Azealia Banks – ESTA NOCHE

Where do you hope to see your brand in the next few years? Are you pleased with the pace of things at the moment?
In the next few years, hopefully Leroy & Eli will be in Colette, Lane Crawford and Dover St Market. Exploring other avenues of menswear shoes, skateboards, accessories. If none of the aforementioned hopes come to fruition still designing and influencing the society around us, even to the slightest degree would bring us a great sense of accomplishment.

We are pleased with the pace, as we want to grow organically and avoid the ‘too much hype, too soon’ curse.

Lastly, any advice for future fashion entrepreneur wannabe’s?
We are still learning ourselves but thus far, don’t give up, do your research, don’t be afraid to ask for help and when in doubt…pout.

Leroy & Eli Instagram

Leroy & Eli Wesbiste

leroy and eli pre collection4leroy and eli pre collection2leroy and eli pre collection1leroy and eli pre collection5leroy and eli pre collection3

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN Album Review

dam kendrick lamar-thejulietreport

Gracie Crowley | April 26, 2017

Story telling seems to be one of Kendrick Lamar’s greatest skills, and it is at the forefront of his latest album DAMN. From taking a swipe at musicians who are obsessed with social media, calling out a Fox News broadcast which condemned him over the lyrics of his last album, shining his spotlight on the Black Lives Matter movement, professing his frustration at the photo-shopping of women in magazines, and laying it out heavily that he does not approve of Donald Trump, he somehow manages to find the time to tell us a little about his upbringing.

DAMN has a somewhat less dramatic flow to 2015’s To Pimp a Butterfly, but it takes us on a journey through Lamar’s deepest desires, thoughts and emotions just as well, and it is arguably a deeper journey into his mind.

This is achieved with the help of a very long list of collaborators such as Sounwave, Mike Will-Made It, Rihanna, James Blake, and U2 to name a few. Yet despite the list of collaborators, the album is not sidetracked by it. This album is clearly Lamar’s mastery on display, and he makes it known within his lyrics.

The final song on DAMN titled DUCKWORTH divulges the tale of Lamar’s modest beginnings in Compton, and he expresses his appreciation for his life now – having come so far and creating such a successful career for himself, which is also something we his fans are appreciative for.

Yet Lamar appears to be wrestling with the weight of his fame, his position as an idol to many, and being an activist – but even this he manages with such grace. His technique has vintage hip-hop elements but the result seems to be almost post-modern. Sprinkled throughout are jazz, pop and electric elements that intertwine in unique ways,  which would be almost bizarre for anybody else, but it works well for Lamar.

At this stage nothing Lamar reveals he can do surprises me, but he never fails to impress. His verbal skills, alongside his story-telling talents and his ability to both convey and fight for real world issues within his music etches him further into hip-hop history as one of the greatest of his time, and at this stage he still manages to remain HUMBLE. 


anzac day - poppies

Gracie Crowley | April 25, 2017

ANZAC Day is one of Australia’s most important days of commemoration. It marks the anniversary of one of the first major actions by the Australian and New Zealand military forces during World War One.

On this morning 102 years ago, the ANZAC’s set out against incredibly grim odds to take the Gallipoli peninsula, and although the campaign was unsuccessful, it has left us with a powerful legacy.

After the Second World War, ANZAC Day began to serve as a commemoration of all the Australian and New Zealand lives lost in war, and today it continues to remember all our service men and women who have served in and lost their lives in conflicts since then.

In current times ANZAC Day is a day where we all reflect on the many different meanings of war. Whether that could be the losses we have suffered, the people currently overseas serving, the horrors of war, the survivors, the families left behind or the families whose loved ones returned but returned broken, be that physically or mentally.

Our world today is one of uncertainty, of conflict and terror, which reminds us that days like ANZAC Day should not be taken for granted. It is a day meant to unite us all, and remind us that people have fought for the freedoms we enjoy, and perhaps take for granted.

Today I do not give thought to some of the negative things I hear people say about this day. I do not give thought to the reasons why these wars had to happen. Instead I only lend my thoughts to the brave men and women who fought for the life I live right now. The freedoms I have and the privilege it is to live in Australia.

I acknowledge that this is not a perfect country, we are flawed and like any other there are areas that need attention and improvement. But I am grateful that unlike many other countries in the world right now, I am safe from the horrors of war for the time being, and it is due to a tremendously important history and legacy of people fighting for that safety.

NGV Announce HOKUSAI Exhibition


Katsushika Hokusai


21 JUL 17 – 15 OCT 17

More than 150 works by the greatest and possibly best-known Japanese artist in the West, Katsushika Hokusai (1760-1849) will be showcased at the NGV, opening on 21st July 2017.

The Exhbition in his own name ‘Hokusai,’ will comprise of woodblock prints, rare paintings on silk and hand-printed manga. Included are the complete sets of Hokusai’s five career defining series: Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, 1830-34, which features his iconic work The Great Wave Off Kanagawa, c. 1830.

Hokusai, has been organised in collaboration with NGV and the Japan Ukiyo-e Museum (JUM) and will be a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to view Hokusai’s works.



Katsushika Hokusai


Katsushika Hokusai


Katsushika Hokusai


Image Credit:

Katsushika Hokusai
Japanese 1760–1849
The great wave off Kanagawa (The great wave) (Kanagawa oki namiura) (1830–34)
from the Thirty-six views of Mt Fuji (Fugaku-sanjū-rokkei) series colour woodblock
25.7 × 37.7 cm (image and sheet)
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Felton Bequest, 1909 (426-2)

Katsushika Hokusai
Japanese 1760–1849
The new fields of Ōno in Suruga Province (Sunshū ŌnoShinden)(1830–34)
from the Thirty-six views of Mt Fuji (Fugaku-sanjū-rokkei) series colour woodblock
26.0 x 38.2 cm (image and sheet)
The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum, Matsumoto

Katsushika Hokusai
Japanese 1760–1849
Hodogaya on the Tōkaidō (Tōkaidō Hodogaya)(1830–34)
from the Thirty-six views of Mt Fuji (Fugaku-sanjū-rokkei) series colour woodblock
25.1 x 37.5 cm (image and sheet)
The Japan Ukiyo-e Museum, Matsumoto
Katsushika Hokusai
Japanese 1760–1849
Hokusai Manga Vol. X 1819, published mid 19th century book: colour woodblocks, 57 pages, paper cover, stitched
22.7 × 29.0 cm (image and sheet) 1.2 × 22.7 × 15.7 cm (closed)
3.0 × 22.7 × 29.0 cm (open)
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Purchased, 1954 (3134J-4)

The 5 Hottest Sneakers Right Now

5 hottest shoes_

Juliet Sulejmani x Samuel Di Natale | April 17, 2017

I sat down with Mens Fashion Pro Samuel Di Natale recently and talked all things street style and sneaker hype and we came up with this list of the 5 hottest sneakers you need on your feet right now.

gucci bumblebee

  1. GUCCI | Ace Embroidered Low-top Sneaker
    A retro looking design inspired by a Gucci sneaker from the 1970s, featuring Gucci’s iconic gold embroidered bee against the Web. With a red ayers sneak detail on the back of one shoe and a green ayers snake detail on the back of the other shoe.
    Made in Italy.adidas x raf simons buckle
  2. ADIDAS by RAF SIMONS | Spirit Buckle Sneakers
    A low-cut version of 1984 Spirit has inspired this sneaker for SS17. The sneaker features an adjustable leather ankle strap which can be worn low or high.convers x play high top
  3. PLAY x CONVERSE | Chuck Taylor All Star ’70 High (Black)
    The product of a collaboration between Comme de Garcons Play and Converse. Classsic Chucks styling with a playful, quirky twist thanks to NYC artist Filip Pagaowski and Rei Kawakubo.adidas_y3
    The Yohji Run fuses the energy-charged feel of Boost with the daring style of Y-3. A Sleek Boost-cushioned high-lifestyle runner by Yohji Yamamoto.adidas x raf simons ozweego
  5. ADIDAS by RAF SIMONS | Ozweego Bunny Sneakers
    The adidas by Raf Simons Ozweego Bunny takes a futuristic approach in a two layer upper witha  running-inspired profile and transparent silicone windows.

Katy Perry in Comme des Garcons on the cover of US VOGUE May 2017 Issue

cdg x vogue may cover_katyperry

Juliet Sulejmani | 16 April 2017

Following in tradition, there is no surprise that the VOGUE US May cover star is this years Met Gala 2017 co-chair Katy Perry.  Wearing none other than Comme des Garcons. And may I say, looking FANTASTIC! I may even go as far as saying this is definitely one of my favourite covers ever, but of course I’d say that, she’s wearing Comme!

For any of you new to the world of fashion, the Met Gala a.k.a. The Met Ball, is an extravagant fashion event, hosted by Anna Wintour each year on the first Monday in May (if you haven’t watched doco The First Monday in May, I highly recommend). It is a fundraising event held to raise money for The Costume Institute at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is followed by the opening of their major exhibition, which this year will be honouring (my favourite designer) Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garcons.

The exhibition is named “Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons: Art of the In-Between,” and will show 120 designs from the Comme des Garcons runway women’s collections, ranging from her first show in 1981 to her most recent Fall 2017 Collection “The Future of Silhouette.” The exhibition will be held from May 4 – Sept 4, 2017 and curated by Andrew Bolton, Head Curator of The MET’s Costume Institute.

The other co-chair will be Pharrell Williams who is a friend of Comme des Garcons and collaborated with them in 2014 to create a unisex fragrance named ‘Girl,’ which was also the name of his album that year. It is also rumoured that Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady will join Pharrell, Katy and Anna as co-chairs, but this has yet to be confirmed.

Back to Katy on the cover, I’m yet to see this with my eyeballs IRL (in real life), as here in the land down-under it takes a while for the US issue of Vogue to arrive on our shores. Luckily though, in this digital world we are blessed with the images appearing online and we don’t miss out that much.

The shoot was styled by Fashion Director Grace Coddington with the help of ” a team of earnest Comme des Garcons minions” (via and photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

Nine photographs have been produced showcasing looks from CDG runways ranging from 2005 – 2017, previewing to the readers/viewers of the delight that is to be on show at the exhibition and Chameleon Katy looks incredible in every shot.

cdg x vogue may cover_katyperry1

Image: Via Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

cdg x vogue may cover_katyperry2

Image: Via Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

cdg x vogue may cover_katyperry3

Image: Via Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

cdg x vogue may cover_katyperry4

Image: Via Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

cdg x vogue may cover_katy perry 5

Image: Via Photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott

Comme des Garcons SHIRT x Supreme in High Demand

supreme sold out cdg2

Juliet Sulejmani | 15 April 2017

Seconds after the Comme des Garcons SHIRT x Supreme collab was released, my friend and I were on the Dover Street Market online store on our phones trying to ‘cop’ some pieces. Regardless of the fact that we were here in Melbourne, miles and miles away from the hype that was happening, first in London, then hours later in NYC, the anticipation was there. Would we be so lucky as to be one of the very few to get our hands on this limited, exclusive collaboration.

The answer is no, unfortunately not.

The site had crashed. Refresh, refresh, refresh. No chance. Eventually it loaded and we were able to see the items, we were even able to hit ‘BUY’, and then, the screen went white, it crashed again.

As we were persistently trying, I said to my friend, “I read online somewhere that serious Supreme fans buy Supreme Bots which help them make a purchase within less than 5 seconds”. He looked at me and his face dropped and then said “I wish I was a celebrity (celebrities always get all the cool stuff)”. We kept trying for a while and then realised we were not going to cop anything.

I checked the sites hours later and they were up, I felt hope, only to discover, everything was SOLD OUT. Of course.

Can you believe the power that these two brands have. They only announced the launch about two days before going on sale and now every single piece, GONE. SOLD. Copped. It blows my mind. Can you imagine creating a collection and being able to sell every single piece, every, single time!?

So that was the bad news, but there is some good news. There seems to be a staggered launch, so that means that there is still a chance to cop some. The collection launches online and in store at Dover Street Market Ginza and Dover Street Market Singapore on Saturday 15th April.

If, even then you don’t succeed and you’re willing to pay double the price or even triple than the actual cost, you can head on over to EBAY where some ‘entrepreneurs’ have already put up their loot. This activity I learnt is called ‘Cop and Flip’.

And finally, don’t forget that the Comme des Garcons SHIRT x Supreme x Nike Air Force 1 Low’s don’t launch until May!

cdg x supreme suitcdg x supreme hoodie and shirtcdg x supreme parka and teecdg x supreme hoodie and wallet

The Perfect Foundation – BEAUTY

mecca beauty productsJuliet Sulejmani | April 13, 2017

About two months ago I wrote about my struggles in replacing my perfect discontinued CHANEL foundation here in ‘Tried and Tested Foundations’. Since then I have tried and tested some more and have found the perfect replacement.

I listened to my lovely insta-friends and sampled a few products from MECCA, because they are awesome and super helpful like that. If you didn’t already know, at Mecca they’ll make up little tester pots for you to take home and try out any products you may be curious about.

I sampled:

I purchased:

Firstly I tried the All day luminous. It was perfect, it went onto the face smoothly and evenly. Covered up all the redness in my skin, which I mentioned in the previous beauty post. It lasted all day, which is important for me, it didn’t make my skin dry out and I still had a pretty natural look.

I then went back to MECCA and was curious to try out the Sheer Glow Foundation, because more people had recommended that one to me. I found the same quality in the product, I liked the finish, but found that my face got a bit too shiny/glowy for my liking by the end of the day. I also noticed this product gave an even more natural look.

I was torn between which one to choose, because I noticed the Sheer glow was fine on occasions when I didn’t need all day coverage, and I liked that it looked more natural, and I loved the All day luminous but was worried it was not natural looking enough. Anyway, I went with the All day luminous and am so happy. I think it may even be better than the original CHANEL foundation I was using. I love that it evens my skin tone, and is a perfect base for the rest of my makeup.

Another product which was recommended to me was the Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. I’ve been using this product for a while now, and I honestly can’t tell the difference with or without it. The product itself is performs exactly as its description. It’s silky and does create a good base, however I think that the All day luminous is already such a fantastic product that with just moisturiser as a base on my face is enough for this product to do it’s own thing.

I was talking to an insta-friend @tdrawer about the product and she said “I use this in Singapore. It’s great when it’s humid, it doesn’t make your face oily. But in dry/cool climates I don’t need this at all.”

So maybe that’s why I don’t really need it or notice a difference?

David O’Doherty Big Time (IRL) – COMEDY

david odoherty

Don Sulejmani | 12 April 2017

David O’Doherty Big Time (IRL)
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
29 Mar – 23 Apr 2017

David O’Doherty Fixes Everything.

With the cold weather in Melbourne comes the comedy festival. And with the comedy festival came David O’Doherty. If you, like me, have ever wondered if a comedian can fix all the problems in the world, the answer is: yes.

Amazingly, he did it in only 60 minutes.

As you would expect from a comedy veteran, the whole show was brilliant. You’ll need to (and should be warned to) strap yourself in as you ride the interactive musical roller-coaster that is Big-Time.

Inside The Forum, the charming, shaggy-haired Irishman will have you laughing as he weaves stories that go from doing unmentionable things to Ed Sheeran’s equipment, to the toilet that is the world today.

After first seeing O’Doherty on TV at the 2012 Gala when he played the ‘Text Message Song’, I’ve had a soft spot for his songs that are kind of shit but beautiful and hilarious at the same time. I was really coming for the music and he didn’t disappoint with his review of the front row and another inspired by Melbourne called ‘Jessie’.

Dressed like what you and I would probably call a hipster, He even had something for the fashionistas. Explaining that the look he was going for was that of a 1987 Tour De France spectator. A truly iconic look possibly selected as it was the first and only year an Irishman has won the Tour De France.

Usually the rating system is out of 5 stars, but as David says, you can’t limit stars to 5, they’re infinite. All I can tell you is that you should go and see him as I reward him infinite stars.

And the answer to the burning question, how the fuck does he fix everything? You’ll leave feeling better about the world we live in, even if that lasts for only 60 minutes. You should see him before he gets too famous.


Here is the link to check out tickets to the show
Here is the link to David O’Doherty’s Website
Here is the link to David O’Doherty’s Twitter

Comme des Garcons SHIRT / Supreme – FASHION

cdg x supreme fishtail jacket

Juliet Sulejmani | 11 April 2017

The ultimate collaborators, Comme des Garcons and Supreme, have come together once again to produce an eye catching Spring 2017 collection for Comme des Garconcs Shirts.

For those in the know, these two brands have been collaborating together since early 2012, typically creating capsule collections for Comme des Garcons SHIRT label. Rumours had been flying around about the collab ever since a leak of Supreme’s iconic Box Logo (Bogo) surfaced in March, which appeared to be folded and stamped with the CDG logo over the top.

The bogo seen on the tee and hoodie in the collection do show a resemblance to the leak. The ‘Supreme’ logo is flipped backwards with ‘Comme des Garcons SHIRT’ on top of it in blue and appears to be folded and creased. A possible reference for the inspiration fof the look of the new bogo may have come from the 2010 ads Stephen J. Shanabrook created for Comme des Garcons.comme des garcons shirt x supreme_1Comme des Garcons and Supreme have both teased the collaboration on their websites and it looks like the collection consists of:

  • a cotton gabardine 3-button suit in two colour-ways, one black and the other in the distinctive black and white eye pattern.
  • A lightweight polyurethane Fishtail jacket in black with the logo ‘Comme des Garcons and Supreme in white on the back.
  • Short sleeve rayon shirts, with the eye print and in three colourways: white, pastel pink and pastel green.
  • Hooded sweatshirt in black and white with previously mentioned bogo
  • Short sleeve t-shirt in black and white with previously mentioned bogo
  • Coin Pouch and wallet, a typical CDG wallet and coin pouch design in two colour ways, white and black and pastel pink and black both in the eye print.
  • Nike Air Force 1 Low in white with eye print in black and white running down the side of the shoe.

There is no surprise that they have chosen to work with Nike for their shoe as Comme des Garcons and Nike have been working together a lot lately. They recently released their Air VaporMax  sneaker which debuted in the CDG Paris Spring 2017 show. And if you look closely you’ll notice Nike are heavily featured in the CDG recent collections too.

The cleverly designed collection will no doubt be a sellout as there is something that will catch everyones eye. It will be interesting to see who snaps up the 3-button suit as this is a new category for this collaboration, and it will be interesting to see if they will be available to purchase as separates.

The collection will be on sale via Supreme and Comme des Garcons Dover Street Market stores and online on Thursday 14th April, with the exception of the Nike Air Force 1 Low’s which will be on sale in May.

James Acaster, The Trelogy (UK) – COMEDY

Eddie Cleaver | 9 April 2017

James Acaster, The Trelogy (UK)
Melbourne International Comedy Festival
29 Mar – 23 Apr 2017

Melbourne is buzzing with activity during the Comedy Festival. Comics, promoters and punters intermingle across town in the hope of putting bums on seats and smiles on faces. The choice of shows is vast and varied with comics congregating from all corners of the globe. Nowhere is this more so the case than at Melbourne Town Hall, a central hub for the Festival with an array of acts within its myriad of rooms each evening, and venue for my choice, “James Acaster, The Trelogy”. It’s also bloody conveniently close to my apartment.

For those who aren’t familiar with James’ work, he has followed a well trodden path on the UK comedy circuit from Edinburgh Festival Fringe through to numerous appearances on hugely popular comedy panel shows including “Mock the Week” and “Have I Got News For You”. Along the way he has picked up various awards and his shows have been widely critically acclaimed and generally sold out. His offering for Melbourne Comedy Festival, “The Trelogy”, is a collection of three of his shows, Recognise (2014), Represent (2015) & Reset (2016), each rotating on different days over the course of the festival. This means you can watch him three times and see a different show on each occasion, which is business genius. My roll of the three sided dice (the trice?) delivered “Represent”.

An unorthodox introduction set the tone for a rollercoaster ride. Highlights included his divulgence of gossip surrounding celebrity “A-Listers” Jorge Galleguillos and Jimmy Sanchez (who you no doubt recall from the Chilean Miner Crisis of 2010), his insights into delivering the “perfect” massage and the potential pitfalls of playing “Devil’s advocate” while on jury duty. His recollection of the popular fable “The Goose and the Sloth” (you’ve heard of that too, right?) is a hugely entertaining insight into a vivid, quick-witted and slightly surreal mind, which leaves you questioning whether he’s a comic genius (he is) or whether he’s absolutely totally bonkers (he is).

The delivery is laid back, understated, whimsical even. A style only broken with a few choice digs at the local crowd which only an Englishman can deliver.

With so much choice on offer during the Comedy Festival, navigating your way through the hits and misses can be a daunting and potentially expensive task. I’ll save you time and save you money (your welcome) because James Acaster, The Trelogy, is an absolute hit. Make it top of your list †.



† meeting James in the middle of Swanston Street after the show had absolutely no bearing on the angle of my review whatsoever.

Here’s a link to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival page for more info and tickets.
Here’s a link to JAMES ACASTER Live at the Apollo

James Veitch Dot Con (UK) – COMEDY

Juliet Sulejmani| 5 April 2017

Melbourne International Comedy Festival
29 Mar – 23 Apr 2017

Two words are seen on a black screen which is mounted on a black wall, and they are, ‘Dot Con’. And no, before you ask, that’s not a spelling error. It is Dot Con, not the Dot Com you’re used to seeing at the end of an email or website address. Dot Con is the title of James Veitch’s debut stand-up show at the 2017 Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Dot Con is also the title of James Veitch’s best-selling book. Both share Veitch’s four years of experiences with scamming the scammers.

This all may sound familiar to you, and that is probably because like me, you are one of the 16,172,104 views on his famous TED Talk: ‘This is what happens when you reply to spam email’, which was the fastest TED Talk ever to reach 2Million Views.

A mischievous, curious and funny guy, James Veitch had us all engaged even before he appeared on the stage. Like in his TED Talk he used a monitor to share his back and forth emails with a Mr Solomon Odonkho and there is no shortage of laughs coming from the audience.

You can expect to see a lot of new jokes, a little bit of a Veitch Comedy History, possibly get some expert advice if you are having issues with your Apple product as Veitch is a former Apple Store Genius. Veitch will also inspire you to take an ordinary scenario and add comedy to make it something others will remember you by.

Overall it was a great show, and I’m happy to be one of the first to see him live in Australia. We all owe him a huge thank you for keeping the scammers busy and reducing the amount of people they are scamming and an even huger thank you for sharing it with us in a funny way. I was super impressed at the end of the show when James Veitch handed out badges he’d made, mine said “HELP ME! I HAVE TOO MUCH GOLD”, (I wish!)

Here is a link to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival page where you can see details for the show.

Here is a link to the James Veitch Website

Here is a link to the James Veitch TED TALK

This is a link to his book James Veitch Dot Con


Dear God’s Select,

Good day. I am Juliet Sulejmani. I am working with one of the prime banks in Melbourne, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Did you read my previous mail?

I sent this mail praying it will found you in a good condition of health,

I expect your urgent communication.

I have decided to contact you for a financial transaction which values $14,500,000.00 (Fourteen Million Five Hundred Thousand USA Dollars).

This is an abandoned fund that belongs to a funny foreign UK customer of our bank, James Veitch. I want a foreign account where the bank will transfer this fund.

Please respond/reply through this my privet email address: (www.comedyfestivaltixdotcon)

If you are really sure of your trustworthiness, accountability and confidentiality over this transaction, contact me urgently. I will let you know the next step and procedure to follow in order to finalize this transaction successfully.

I expect your urgent communication.

Miss Juliet Sulejmani
DEPUTY Secretary-Genera (U.N)

Secrets Organic Box – FOOD & BEAUTY

secrets organic box_snacks

Juliet Sulejmani| March 29, 2016

I think we will start off this one with a series of questions.

Q1] Do you love trying new things?
Q2] Are you always on the hunt for the latest products?
Q3] Would you like to buy more organic?
Q4] Do you love getting mail?
Q5] Do you love presents?
Q6] Do you love discounts?

Yes? Yes? Yes? Yes? Yes?

Well great, me too, so keep reading!

Secrets Organic Box is actually the first subscription box I have ever received and it was fun. It offers you a sampling of 4-5 food/home/beauty organic products that are selected by the Secrets Organic Box team, and can cost about $20-$30 per box. You can choose to buy one box, or you can choose to have an ongoing subscription and if you feel like being nice, you can also gift it to someone you like.

If like me, you also answered yes to those questions above, you, like me, will love Secrets Organic Box, and…drumroll please… if you do want to try it, they have kindly given all Juliet Report readers a special discount code! Enter: JULIET at the check out to get 5 bucks off your first box.

Here’s what was in the February box:

secrets organic box_snacks

  1. Thomas Chipman Ancient Grains Corn Chips (Rice.Chia.Quinoa.Flax Seed)
  2. Whole Kids Organic Rice Crackers – Tamari (These were my favourite item!)
  3. Tea Tonic Dark Chocolate & Black Tea (1 teabag sampler)

secrets organic box_beauty

4. JO Naturalove USDA Organic Personal Lubricant
5. Alitura Clay Mask – Facial Mask Treatment
6. Coconut Tree – Organic Coconut Body Balm

I like that the box offers a mix of beauty and food, and it was great because I’d never tried or seen any of these products before. If you’d like to try it out don’t forget to use my promo code: JULIET at Secrets Organic Box.

Drop earrings are the hottest thing right now – FASHION

long drop earrings

Juliet Sulejmani | March 27 2016

Long drop earrings are officially (according to me) the coolest earrings at the moment. They are the easiest way to turn your look from ordinary to super cool and super stylish. You could even be wearing a plain white tee with your basic pair of jeans, and as soon as you put a pair of these beauties on, you up your chic factor by 1000.

I’ve selected a few of my favourite long drop earrings that I’ve seen lately (2 of which iI already own). I love them because even though they are such a statement item, they are so easy to wear and surprisingly aren’t heavy or annoying.

Here are my favourites.

simone rocha_black drop earringssimone rocha_black drop earrings_photo

Drop beaded floral earring $295AUD at Farfetch

celine earrings

celine photo

Summer 17 Chandelier Earrings in Turquoise $480Euro at Celine www.celine.comerikyvon earrings


SS16/17 Erik Yvon x Two Fold Shop bolt earrings $65 at Erik Yvon Erik Yvon

ysl_red drop earrings

ysl photo_vogue aus

Saint Laurent
SS17 Lou Lou tassel earrings in gold and red $720AUD at Saint Laurent www.ysl.competite grand earrings

petite grand photo

Petite Grand
Low Moon Sterling Silver Earrings $143AUD at Petite Grand Petite Grand

The Rules of Backyard Cricket, Jock Serong – BOOK

Juliet Sulejmani | March 23 2016

The Rules of Backyard Cricket
Jock Serong
291 Pages

Here I sit (in my studio) this wonderful grey Thursday,  drinking my morning coffee and nibbling on some Dark Chocolate Digestive’s which I picked up from Thomas Dux on my way home from Book Club last night.

The book we discussed at Book Club was The Rules of Backyard Cricket by Jock Serong. I would never in a million years have chosen to read this book. I’m not really one for cricket, so I would have written this off in an instant had I come across it in a bookstore. This is one of the reasons I love being in a book club, it pushes you into territories that you wouldn’t have necessarily wandered into on your own.

The Rules of Backyard Cricket was loved by all in the group. Everyone mentioned the beautiful writing by Jock Serong. Cricket is a running thread through the book, but you realise that it is only a vehicle used to share the story of these two brothers, Daz and Wally. So you don’t really need to care about cricket or even know about it, surprisingly for me, I actually enjoyed reading and learning about the game through reading this book.

Melbourne 1976, is when the story of Daz begins, however the actual story begins with Daz/Darren being stuffed and locked in a car boot and this is where his story begins.

It’s not a happy book, there are many twists and turns, and most of us were surprised by what unfolded. The ending will leave you wondering, and in fact many of us book clubbers read and re-read the last chapter a few times in attempt to put the missing pieces together.

Jock Serong will be coming to the bookstore for an event, and I’ll be looking forward to that and finding out more about him and the book.

The next book club read is going to be Hisham Matar’s The Return: Fathers, Sons and the Land in Between.


Curated Melbourne – FASHION

Juliet Sulejmani | March 07, 2017

Last night I was at the launch of CTF Curated which is a fantastic and much needed initiative started by the Council of Textile & Fashion. I say much needed because I’ve realised recently, especially last night, that here in Australia we don’t really give our local businesses the love and support that we should. I know that is a big statement, but out of the 18 brands that were at CTF Curated, I was only familiar with two of them, and I know from all the circles I run in, that we mostly aspire to the large international brands out there and overlook the fantastic design and creativity that we have here in our country.

The CTF is a non for profit industry body for the textile and fashion industries nationally across Australia. Their main goal is to connect with our local new and emerging designers and help them grow their companies which will in turn help the industry grow.

They are about design and they believe it is design that will help drive growth in our manufacturing industry.

As mentioned they are working with 18 designers at this stage, and they are offering support and help through mentorship, workshops and pop ups like the one I attended which is open from Thursday 9th March – Sunday 12th March.

CTF Curated Open

I do encourage you visit Curated Melbourne and discover the great designers that are a part of this initiative. You also have the opportunity to purchase any items that you may happen to fall in love with.


CTF Curated space

The layout and design of the space is very well thought out as it allows you to flow through the space at L1 Studios and get to know the designers and see their creations. The curation of the brands in the pop up is also worth mentioning, as it allows each brand to shine without being perhaps over-shined by others.

The CTF emphasised that this will be an ongoing project, that they hope to grow the brands that they have on board, and that they plan to run 4 of these pop ups this year, with the hope to expand to other parts of Australia.

Here are the list of new and emerging designers that you can look forward to seeing at Curated Melbourne:

  • HEW – making menswear less boring via collaboration
  • A.BCH – a Melbourne based designer basics label
  • POST SOLE STUDIO – a Melbourne based footwear factory
  • SIYONA   – a Melbourne based couture label
  • REMUSE – a Melbourne based clothing label
  • CITIZEN WOLF – a Sydney based label offering tailored tees
  • MNDATORY – a Melbourne based menswear label
  • HARLOW – Designed and made in Melbourne, women’s clothing for sizes 12-26
  • MR WILLO  – Handmade in Melbourne, children’s unisex label
  • LOIS HAZEL – a womenswear label focussing on sustainable and ethical practices
  • ERIK YVON – Melbourne based specialising in men’s and women’s wear
  • SCOTT BENEDICTINE – Melbourne based with high focus on craftsmanship
  • LOTT STUDIO – made in Melbourne jewellery
  • NICO – based in Brisbane, creating underwear, basics and swimwear
  • VINCENT LI – Melbourne based menswear label
  • EVIE AND LEO –  a Melbourne based womenswear label
  • MAUDE STUDIO – Melbourne based label producing ostentatious accessories
  • COLLECTIVE CLOSETS – Melbourne based womenswear label, sourcing fabrics from Africa

CTF Curated nico

 At the launch of Curated, one of their key supporters, Brauz, a retail tech start up company, announced the launch of their app which aims to connect physical retail experience and online experience for consumers.

I haven’t had the chance to check it out but as soon as I do I will enlighten you with my thoughts. The Brauz team has been working on this project for the last four years and explained it as the first blended shopping experience.



Image credits: Illustration by me Juliet Sulejmani, Photographs via @ctf_curated